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The project concerns the reformulation of the presbytery of the Encarnação Church, at Estreito de Câmara de Lobos, in Madeira, namely the design and distribution of the liturgical furniture, based on different symbolic and functional characteristics of this elements during the religious celebrations.

The design of the liturgical furniture had its origin on the Tabernacle study, a piece with exceptional symbolism, dedicated to the Blessed Sacrament, which represents the presence of Christ as humanity's nourishment. The Tabernacle rises over the principal axis of the presbytery, standing out from the other elements by its verticality. Above a pedestal with eighty centimetres in regional stonework, rises the vault of the Holy Eucharist, a brass piece, drawn over the styling of a wheat stalk, which symbolically represents the bread as the primordial nourishment. We choose to develop a simple and delicate structure in a noble metal which would provide the character and dignity demanded by its symbolism.

To give coherence and unit to the composition, we choose to use the same brass structure in the remaining liturgical pieces, adapting it to the functional needs: in the Ambon as support of the Sacred Scriptures, in the Paschal Candle as a lifting element for the flame, in the pedestals as support elements of the Annunciation and Our Lady of Fátima statues and in the back of the chair as symbol of presidency.

In short, the composition presents itself as if all elements emerged from the stone floor; the pedestals, in pure geometric forms, support the different brass structures, with light and delicate design, which gives functionality and symbolism to the pieces.

In the apse of the presbytery were designed three large windows that compose a triptych in stained glass, dedicated to Our Lady of the Incarnation, with the theme of the Annunciation. The triptych, inspired by the Renaissance paintings of Fra Angelico, is composed by the figures of Angel Gabriel, of Our Lady and the Holy Spirit, represented by a white dove which, by the light, blesses the mother of Christ.


Encarnação Church


Estreito de Câmara de Lobos, Madeira, PT


September 2009



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