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Two Volumes.


The Meixomil House presents three floors, one below the threshold destined to the garage and two above for housing. In order to respect the natural slope of the site, the building is arranged longitudinally along the plot.


The part of the building corresponding to the ground floor appears as a longitudinal volume that seems to levitate above the basement floor, which is partially under covered along the southeast facade, attending to the natural slope.


Above the ground floor volume was displaced another transversal concrete volume, drawing the shape of the upper floor. The empty space left by the overlap of the two volumes marks the glazed entrance and the location of the stairs that connect all floors.


The house was designed searching a single storey typology. The upper volume was characterized as a technical floor enhanced by the exposed concrete finishing and the metal shutters for natural light control.

Photography 3D: Pedro Fernandes | Vítor Leal Barros

Consultants: Davide Souto Eng.º


Meixomil House


Paços de Ferreira, PT


April 2020


ongoing project

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