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I understand architecture as a multidisciplinary activity capable of bringing together in one project all the economic, social and historical issues of a specific site.

In my work I'm focused and committed to the search of different approaches and creative directions in the field of architecture, using the design practice with a more sustainable and strategic view, while creating my own particular architectural identity.


I believe that all the great architecture pieces that history has brought to present, need a time ‘to breath’, a time for reflection, not only in the comprehension and understanding of the architectural object itself, but also, and most important, in the whole designing process.


As the world goes digital and fast, almost running over the biological human time, I'm aiming to go against the flow, embracing a time to listen and to be listened, in the search of a more pleasant, open and solid relationship with clients.


For me architecture is a powerful discipline which enhances greatly the quality of human life, if it is used with responsibility, critical thought and strongly conscientious of urban and environmental issues. In my opinion the architectural object should not be an exhibitionism act, but rather a balanced product between observation, rational thinking, sustainable actions and poetic feel.

Vítor Leal Barros Architecture Studio was founded in 2019 and is based in Porto, Portugal. You can overlook my studio/home here.


Vítor Leal Barros

Vítor Leal Barros | OA member

I was born in Porto in 1980.


In 2004, I've concluded degree in architecture at the College of Architecture and Arts, University Lusíada of Oporto, variant Urban and Architectural Recovery and i'm a member of the Portuguese College of Architects (OA) since 2005.


From 2004 to 2006 I've collaborated with architects António Brandão and Raul Silva.


In 2007 I have completed degree in Photography at the Portuguese Institute of Photography (IPF).


I was co-founder and partner of ASVS Architects between 2009 and 2018. While in ASVS Architects I've developed several projects in Portugal and abroad, covering Urban Planning, Architecture, Interior, Product and Graphic Design.


I have been awarded in several international architectural competitions such as the 'Piraeus Cultural Coast Masterplan and Museum of Underwater Antiquities', Athens, Greece (Piraeus Port Authority SA) with the 1st Honourable Mention (2013) and the ‘Caffe Aroma’s Competition’, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with the 1st Honourable Mention (2014).


In 2012, Santa Catarina’s House was awarded with the prize ‘Respect for Architecture’ by the Portuguese College of Architects (OA-SRN).

In 2020, the Divino Salvador Church was among the 10 finalists of the VII edition of the International Prize for Sacred Architecture, Frate Sole Foundation and mentioned as 'Ambassador of the International Award of Sacred Architecture' for the period 2020-2024.


Along with the activity as an architect, I've performed Photography exhibitions individually or collectively. Beyond my professional practice

I love writing and I'm an amateur triathlete.



Along the years a great number of profissionals (architects, designers, engineers) have been collaborated with me, as internal or external collaborators. To you all, my sincere THANK YOU!

Internal and External Collaborations since 2004

Alexander Bogorodskiy | Ana Bastos Vieira | Ana Matias | Angelica Rocha | Áurea González Domínguez | Caio Chamma | Carlos Maria de Sousa | Carlos Matias | Celina Barros | Clara Silva | Davide Souto | Dominika Skrývalová | Dora Costa | Enrique Varea | Ernesto Sousa | Filipe Ferreira | Jorge Ordax | José Pacheco | Lucas Cunha | Manuel Gaspar | Marco Oliveira | Marina Dias | Martin Richnavský | Nuno Silva | Orlando Sousa | Paula Rosas | Paulo Barros | Pedro Fernandes | Pedro Leal Barros | Pedro Martins | Riccardo Gava | Tanyora Pierre | Teresa Jiménez | Vânia Cardoso | Yolanda Murillo

Corporate Collaborations since 2004

Calculus Defender | GeeSat | Hérard & Da Costa Architectes | I + I Studio | Indelague | Jofebar | Logacústica | Louproj | Medidoriginal | Sopsec

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