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In between.

The Vilanova House, due to the composition of the construction volume, seeks an urban and landscape integration with the adjacent buildings. The main elevation is adapted to the alignments of the neighbouring buildings, both in terms of composition and proposed volume, while the attic follows the slope of the rooftops of the adjacent buildings.


Given the configuration and topography of the plot, with a gap of about 3.00m between Rua de Vila Nova and the backstreet facing Alameda do Prof. Ruy Luís Gomes, the rear elevation has only two floors above the level of the natural terrain. The ground floor is almost under covered, with only three wide windows for lighting and ventilation.


On the backyard, where drawn the swimming pool and the adjacent living areas, as external extensions of the social spaces of the house. The house has three floors: the ground floor for the garage and family work areas, the first floor for the social areas and the last floor for the bedrooms.

Photography 3D: Pedro Fernandes | Vítor Leal Barros

Consultants: Davide Souto Eng.º





Porto, PT


January 2020


ongoing project

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