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finalist of The International Prize for Sacred Architecture - Frate Sole Foundation VII edition

nominee for the 'Construir 2020' award, 'best private project' category

nominee for the ‘Archdaily Building of the Year 2021’ in the ‘Religious Building’ category

Ancora Home

Perhaps the only thing that moves me is beauty. If I ask myself where and when I am moved, I always find the answer in Nature, in its most essential elements, where everything seems to be as it should be. When I think of my work as an architect, I was able to listen for a few moments the essential substance of architecture, which is nothing more than observing, understanding and organizing the space with the same truth and accuracy. The ecstasy of these moments isn’t enough for me. Paraphrasing Zumthor, ‘precious moments of intuition result from patient work'. But the world of today is a hurried and impatient world. So I gave myself the possibility of retreat, opening up to the opportunities of observing, understanding and organizing space at the same pace the old tailors sewed a suit.

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